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Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe that the responsibility of a company is not only to produce and sell high-quality products, but also to focus on work in areas such as safety, sustainable development and employee care. CO-PLASTIC continues to implement the spirit of corporate social responsibility in its daily operations at every moment, do its utmost to repay the society and create more environmentally friendly, safer and healthier home with the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

China International Emergency Rescue Center J Co-plastic Special Service Battalion - Mobile Squadron Training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The weather in July is so hot!Despite the hot weather, we are fulfilling our promise that we will overcome all kinds of difficulties -- strengthen our training and make us more professional!On July 11, under the leadership of Chief of Staff Du Dongxian of the Special Service Brigade and our mobile squadron leader Gao Zeyu, we experienced the training with the guidance of "service at ordinary times, emergency times, disaster relief and wartime response" and the insistence of our comrades.

Corporate Social Responsibility


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Address :No.17, Pingcheng Road,Jiaoxi Town,Jiaozhou,Qingdao, Shandong, 266300, China