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How to adjust the running speed of sheet production line?


We need to use many dishes in our time. In people's understanding today, this area is very concerned. In addition, in the process of storage and transportation of many articles, space planning is required, and these spaces also have requirements in planning, which is also the reason why the board production line exists. Modified and processed plates. Therefore, there is a key transformation system in the medium and heavy plate production line. Let's understand this aspect together.

How to adjust the running speed of sheet production line?

The modified system usually contains processing modifier, impact toughening modifier, etc. Adding a small amount of processing modifier into PVC can obviously improve the processing performance of PVC resin without damaging other functions. For example, after ACR, K-125, etc. participate in the molding process, it is subjected to heat and mixing effects, and softens the resin particles that first tightly bond with the surrounding. Through friction and heat transfer, gelation is promoted, and the viscosity of its melt is not only not reduced, but even increased. Due to the entanglement effect of molecular chains, the elasticity, strength and tensile properties of PVC have been improved. The unmodified UPVC tube has notch sensitivity. In order to improve the impact resistance of pipes, impact modifiers which are semi-compatible with PVC and have small contact amount should be added.

How to adjust the running speed of sheet production line?

General plate and sheet production lines are widely used in enterprises. The appearance of the production line has provided us with convenience and improved working efficiency. But when using this production line, have you considered the speed of its operation? For example, how is it planned and regulated?

The running speed of the plate and sheet production line can be simply understood as the time when the production line transports the products from Station A to Station B. However, during this period, the working characteristics of Station B need to complete the relevant processing of the products in hand, and the products are transported to the next station through the production line to continue running. Excessive operation of medium and heavy plate production line equipment will lead to overstock of products in Station B and affect the processing quality in Station I; Equipment running too slowly will affect the continuity of production and reduce the efficiency of the entire production line. Therefore, the running speed of the equipment is very important to the production and processing of products. In the planning process of medium and heavy plate production line equipment, the operating speed is generally set. However, the speed is not fixed, but within a certain adjustable range. The operation speed plan is formulated according to the production data and requirements provided by the customers, taking into account the requirements for the improvement of production speed due to the improvement of the later production capacity. The speed setting will be in the range of 1.


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