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Development trend of plastic machinery industry


In recent years, China's plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly, and has become the largest country in the production of plastic machinery parts in the world. However, in order to occupy an important position in the international market, China's plastic machinery still needs to work hard.

China's plastic machinery industry began in the late 1950s. With the development of China's petrochemical industry, China's plastic machinery industry has gradually formed an independent industrial sector. So far, the number of plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises in China has grown to more than 1000, but there are about 400 enterprises with a certain scale and strength, and the scientific innovation of their products is not enough. Compared with foreign developed countries, although the total consumption of plastic products in China has ranked second in the world, the per capita consumption of plastic products in China lags far behind that in developed countries. In addition, the precision of plastic machinery products is still lacking, and the competitiveness is not strong. Domestic high-end precision enterprises are mainly occupied by foreign enterprises.

But at the same time, it shows that China's plastic machinery industry has a huge space for development in the future, especially some models with high scientific and technological content, good performance and relatively moderate price, such as super large, precision and special injection molding machines, multi-layer co extrusion blow molding machines for the production of high impermeability and heat-resistant packaging materials, and blow molding machines for industrial parts (auto parts, etc.).

For the plastic machinery industry, it is time for the Jedi to fight back.

First, accelerate enterprise restructuring. Comprehensively improve the pace of enterprise internal restructuring, improve product innovation technology, reduce costs, and comprehensively improve competitiveness.

Secondly, actively promote the technological transformation of enterprises, aim at the international advanced level, adopt advanced technology, further increase the adjustment, optimize the variety structure, improve the product quality and grade as soon as possible, and better adapt to the market demand.

Then, carry out various forms of international cooperation to further expand the scale of utilizing foreign capital. Focusing on varieties, tons, benefits and export expansion, China's plastic enterprises should promote further cooperation with foreign multinational companies, actively introduce foreign capital, advanced technology and management experience, and improve their technical level, management level and economic benefits.

The good development prospect of the plastic processing industry will still be the source power for the rapid development of China's plastic machinery manufacturing industry. Plastic machinery enterprises must make heavy efforts to enhance the industry's popularity and competitiveness.

Development trend of plastic machinery industry


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