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We successfully obtained the high-tech enterprise certification


Recently, Qingdao CENTRE Machinery Company has been recognized by the authority again. It has been awarded the title of high-tech enterprise.

The requirements for obtaining this certificate are very strict, including:
1. The enterprise obtains the ownership of the intellectual property rights that play a core supporting role in the technology of its main products (services) through independent research and development, assignment, donation, merger and acquisition, etc.;
2. The technology that plays a core supporting role in the main products (services) of the enterprise belongs to the scope of the "National Key Support High-tech Field";
3. The proportion of scientific and technological personnel engaged in research and development and related technological innovation activities in the enterprise accounts for no less than 10% of the total number of employees in the enterprise that year.
After layers of screening, we successfully obtained the certificate.
We are not only a manufacturer of plastic machinery, but also a leader and pioneer in this industry. We are not limited to traditional crafts. With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, we combine machines with modernization to create products that are far ahead from the inside out, from production quality to appearance. At the same time, we will provide customers with better machine solutions according to their needs.