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Cutting Machine For Pipe Extrusion Line

The fully automatic plastic pipe planetary cutting equipment independently developed and manufactured by Qingdao Center Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used in conjunction with the plastic PE pipe extrusion production line. It can perfectly cut plastic pipes of various sizes and hardness. It can also be used for fiberglass pipes. cutting. This machine adopts Xinjie programmable controller and text display, LCD multi-lingual display, can be used in most foreign language markets, frequency converter speed regulation, with the ability to display "statistics, knife time, push delay time, rotation time, working program" Process. Various operating data such as fault and alarm output. "Special functions, rotation and frequency converter adjustment. This machine has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, convenient adjustment, reliable performance, stable quality and so on.

This machine introduces high-end technologies from Japan and Europe, and has the characteristics of good cutting effect, high degree of automation, complete protection devices, safe and convenient use, and beautiful appearance.

    After the pipe is formed, it is fed into the machine at a set speed. When the feeding length reaches the specified value, the fixed-length travel switch sends a signal. After the machine receives the signal, the automatic cutting cycle starts.

    First, the advancing pipe is clamped. At this time, the main body of the saw frame advances synchronously with the pipe. At the same time, the cutting motor starts and the feed motor starts to feed. When the feed reaches the specified value, the feed motor stops working and the main motor starts to revolve. , cutting starts at this time. After the main motor is placed for a week, the pipe is cut at this time. The feed motor begins to retract the knife. After the knife retraction is completed, the clamp begins to loosen and the return cylinder opens.

    Our Advantages

    • Best possible cut quality and cut surface with very different pipe materials
    • Swarfless cutting across a very wide range of different pipe materials
    • Perfectly synchronized with extrusion line and haul-off speed of the entire extrusion line
    • Wide range of different pipe wall thicknesses can be separated in the best possible way using the central clamping system
    • Machine cutting and chamfering of PVC pipes and other special applications possible