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Haul-off Machine for Pipe Extrusion Line

Depending on the application and pipe size, Haul-off machine belt or caterpillar haul-offs are available, which are controlled via an integrated touch screen and fit perfectly into the line. Production of customized versions is also possible. Specially adapted versions can be supplied for special applications such as FDC (fast dimension change).

The high viscosity of the rubber block can provide maximum friction to pull the pipe movement without damaging the surface of the product.

With our comprehensive range of haul-off machine options and the ability to tailor them to unique needs, we are dedicated to providing the perfect solution for your pipe production requirements.

    Our Advantages

    • Robust design
    • Belts and caterpillars driven individually by 3-phase motors, optionally as servo drives
    • High haul-off forces due to high motor torque and pressure cylinders
    • High synchronization accuracy with coordinated drive motors
    • Back pressure control for thin-walled pipes
    • Electric adjustment of all caterpillars to pipe diameter
    • Upper caterpillars with pendulum support and pneumatic contact pressure
    • Integrated control via touch screen

    Our Offer

    For pipes from 16 to 800 mm

    • Starting from the double track extension, the design is tightened in the opposite direction, which can firmly lock the pipe and achieve different sizes from 16-800mm.
    • Bottom caterpillars manually/electrically adjustable
    • Start-up aid mounted on haul-off for saving space and synchronizing via pilot frequency

    For pipes from 800 mm upwards

    • Multiple caterpillar haul-offs (6-14) with V-shaped rubber studs
    • Electrically adjustable caterpillars at top and bottom
    • Start-up aids up to 180 kN tractive force, synchronized with haul-off via pilot frequency
    • Deflection rollers and rope guides of start-up aids on tilting frame at the outlet end

    For small diameters up to 125 mm, especially composite, micro duct and drip irrigation

    • Belt haul-offs with Poly-V belts for smooth running
    • Extrusion speeds up to 300 m/min
    • Extrusion height adjustable via hand wheel and fixed stop electrically adjustable
    • Easy access for belt change due to quick belt change system
    • Lateral pipe guides for high-speed extrusion
    • Pivotable top support to compensate for twisting of the pipe during extrusion