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Single Screw Extruder for PE and PP Pipe Extrusion

The CTSJ single-screw extruder produced by Center Machinery Company continuously injects its own design concepts on the basis of traditional extrusion. The trinity of high speed, high output and low temperature plasticization ensures the extrusion of high quality products. This series of single-screw extruders has a novel design and adopts involute gear transmission. It has low operating sound and stable operation. It uses high-end materials. The screw and barrel are nitrided and wear-resistant, which greatly increases the service life of the equipment.

The specially manufactured discharge port design is embedded with a perfect cold water device, which is combined with the fan for cooling, so that the temperature of the raw material is stable, the plasticization is stable, and the material is extruded at a uniform speed.

The simple-to-operate human-machine interface, combined with high-end electrical systems, allows technicians to operate more conveniently and control the equipment at any time and understand the status of the equipment.

The high-performance mechanical combination design enables enterprises to continuously reduce costs in all aspects, obtain greater production profits, and promote faster development of enterprises.

    The equipment is mainly used to extrude a series of thermoplastics such as PP/PE/PA. When paired with corresponding downstream equipment, it can produce different plastic products, such as pipes, sheets, plates, ribbons, etc. It has a wide range of uses and a large market space.

    Our Advantages

    • Top performance in the extrusion of smooth, corrugated and co-extruded pipes
    • Excellent melt homogeneity and low melt temperatures
    • Screw geometries for HDPE and PP processing
    • AC motors for low energy consumption
    • Extremely space-saving through high performance with small screw diameters

    We Offers

    • Screw diameter;CTSJ 30、45、50、55、60、65、90、100、120、150...........
    • 25:1、30:1、33:1 、L/D ratio
    • High installed screw torques for optimal specific throughput
    • Outputs from 100 kg/h to 2,750 kg/h (6,000 lbs/hr)